Behind the lenses

Capturing raw authentic emotions, that’s the foundation of Junophoto’s approach



Hi I’m Julia, CEO, manager and photographer at Junophoto!
I’ve been photographing people in love for almost 10 years now and I just can’t get enough!
My background in cinema, fashion and event photography allows me to view the wedding day in a unique way.
When I’m not working on Junophoto you can find me either at the gym, doing powerlifting (strong body= strong mind) or cuddling with the love of my life and our two fur babies, Babou and Brownie, possibly watching Netflix.
I LOVE coffee. My closet mainly consist of shoes. Someday I will have a walk-in closet like Carrie Bradshaw. Bloody Caesar is my go to cocktail but I also appreciate a good Scotch (neat please!). Biking and getting fresh products from Atwater market makes me happy. Spring is my favorite season, mainly because it’s peonies time ( and also my birthday).
Brunches are life. Also avocado toasts. I used to play world of warcraft, my character was a panda warrior, it was great.
I obsessed with (pretty much) anything that is either gold, copper or rose gold.
One thing on my bucket list would be to kiss under the northern lights, just the idea melts my heart, it’s so romantic.
Oh I collect cute mugs.
Come say Hi, I would love to meet you and get to know your love story so let’s connect!



Hi I’m Charles! After studying at Dawson college I joined Junophoto to start a great adventure and discover my love for wedding photography. The best part is to get to know the couple to be able to capture their story with all the emotions, the uniqueness of it and with every details and angles possible.
I like cinema, photography (obviously), design and graphics. In short, the image, whether fixed or in movement. Recently, I discovered a passion for plants – it may come my from grandfather. I am handyman and good at making things. It’s crazy what can be made with recycled wood planks!
Sweet tables are the best EVER. Do not leave me alone in front of a bowl of chocolate or candy: I have the moderation of a 5 years old when it comes to sweets.
Fortunately I am a bike addict to burn it off. Whether it’s summer or winter, good weather, bad weather, and while respecting the red lights!
I’ve always been a Montrealer but I love to travel and connect with people around the world.
A dream of mine is to do an expedition in the Khumbu Valley in Nepal, lost among the giants of the Himalayas. Such a perfect place to create gorgeous pictures too, engagement session anyone?
Want to know more about me? Contact us and see If I’m available for your wedding!



Hello it’s Mélissa! I’ve been part of Junophoto’s team since 2015. Photographing intimate moments, creating beautiful memories and discovering new cultures is why I love my job!
Like many French I came to Montreal to study and fell in love with the city and quebecors. Montreal became my new home.
Originally from Bordeaux, I was brought up in a culture where good food and great wines are very important and I totally agree! Foie gras and a glass of red wine ( from Bordeaux of course) are my top choices when I want to treat myself.
If I’m not in the city I am most likely hiking somewhere in the country or going to some kind of flee market to find the best vintages furnitures.
Currently learning how to calligraphy which I LOVE. Learning new skills is awesome, next thing on my list will be to learn pottery.
Cuddling with my cat Yuki makes me happy. One of my dream is to photograph a wedding in Iceland, the landscapes are so interesting and unique. I’m obsessed with flowers. My dream house would include a giant garden so I could plant flowers EVERYWHERE.
Oh I love vintage shoes, and dresses and anything that is cute or vintage.
We would be a good fit? Contact us to see if I’m available for your wedding!

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