Charles and Gloria said yes at the Jude Pomme apple orchard!

On August 6th 2016, Gloria and Charles got married at the Jude Pomme apple orchard. This lovely domain in the region of Oka has all the charms for a successful rustic atmosphere. Whether it is for it’s apple trees stretching as far as the eye can see, it’s old barn, or the abbey which is just minutes away, Jude Pomme apple orchard promises an unforgettable outdoor wedding. One could say that with such an amazing location, making beautiful pictures was a treat. We agree!

Gloria and her bridesmaids have pushed the DIY style to another level. All the decorations details were thought and designed with care for an impressive result. Everyone could feel the personality of the couple through each little touches. Gloria and Charles definitely created an atmosphere at their image: authentic, warm and cozy.

When we arrived at the abbey to photographthe bride and groom’s getting ready, we were greeted by beautiful smiles. We could hear the laughter coming from the corridors and feel the excitement. Once ready, Gloria and Charles met up, each on the corner of a wall of the abbey and without seeing each other  they told how much they loved each other one last time before being united for life!

The first look is THE great way to capture one of the most intimate moments of the day. The version of Gloria and Charles offered a beautiful way to live a whole range of emotions while still keeping some surprise for the ceremony. After exchanging their rings and their first kiss, we carried on to capture pictures of just the two of them as newlyweds. What a pleasure to capture the complicity and love that Gloria and Charles feel for each other!

 The evening was incredible! The reception in the barn, the electric atmosphere, the dancing, the games and all the laughs gave warmth to every heart. Around midnight, the guests were invited to enjoy a homemade sweet table .

This wedding was also a success thanks to the services of Geneviève, coordinator of Inspiration Mariage, who ensured the perfect flow of the day. We won’t forget this wonderful wedding at Jude Pomme apple orchard, where the happiness of Gloria and Charles contributed to a magical atmosphere all day long.28