• Junophoto approaches weddings with a photojournalistic style. With creativity we capture luminous and joyful images. Our passion is to photograph spontaneous moments and emotions to tell the story of your wedding day. As each couple is unique, we customise our approach to fit your style and personality. As we believe in team work we will always be two photographers covering your wedding. This allows us to fully cover the event by capturing each of its unforgettable moments. We pay attention to every detail throughout the day because we know how much time and love you put into it. Although we are located in Montreal we enjoy doing destination weddings and offer special packages for them. We will be happy to welcome you in our studio to discuss your plans and wishes for your wedding.

Vintage style wedding at the Tour de Lévis

Vicky and Jean-Philippe

Vicky and Jean-Philippe are the kind of couple with whom one can have a pleasant evening of  enjoying good food and siping good wine while discussing music, cross fit and travels. A evening as I love them, an evening full of laughter, singing and good food! The wedding was exactly like that and was at their image.

Vicky chose the Hotel Chez Swann in downtown Montreal for his photogenic appearance and original design.She made a great choice since we were so excited to photograph all the details and the preparation of Vicky, her maid of honor Karine and flower girl Beatrice.  Hotel Chez Swann didnt’t lack of inspiring us and we took the opportunity to make beautiful portraits of Vicky in her gorgeous dress from the boutique Anne Jean-Michel.

Then we went at the Tour de Lévis in Park Jean-Drapeau for the ceremony. It was a truly beautiful ceremony, with music and songs (it was so lovely when Beatrice stepped on a stool to sing, accompanied on guitar by Jean-Philippe’s father). Everything was decorated by the talented team of Maryse Noel Creations.

The cocktail being a the same venue, the couple had the great idea to bring a food truck, Mr Crémeux, offering not only ice cream but several kinds of delicious amuses-bouches! It was a treat for the taste budsand only the begining since the reception was held at the famous restaurant Le Pastaga. I had the opportunity to eat in many great restaurants in my life and it’s undoubtedly become one of my favorites! The evening was punctuated by speeches and beautiful songs. The newlyweds themselves sang together, Feeling good, accompanied at the piano by Jean-Philippe’s sister Karine.

The wedding was a such a success for the couple as well as their guests and it was a real pleasure for us to have had the chance to witness it. Not to mention that the newlyweds, after 17 years together, were more in love than ever! These are the kind of weddings  like where I feel I lucky and happy to be able to capture wonderful moments in people’s lives.

Vicky t and Jean-Philippe thank you for your trust, your hospitality and your kindness!

01-junophoto_hotel swann_bride portrait_amazing shot02-junophoto_details shot_ride and bouquet and shoes03-junophoto_details hsots_bride dress and shoes04-junophoto_details shoot_perfume_rings on the brides shoes05-junophoto_bouquet_invitations06-junophoto_flower girl_wedding07-junophoto_bride getting her hair done08-junophoto_bride getting ready _make_up09-junophoto_bride getting dress10-junophoto_bride putting shoes11-junophoto_groom getting ready12-junophoto_detail shot_groom detting ready13-junophoto_bride portrait gorgeous14-junophoto_bride gorgeous portrait_swann hotel montreal15-junophoto_ceremony decoration_tour de levis16-junophoto_ceremony tour de lévis17-junophoto_guest pictures_tour de levis18-junophoto_couple_tour de levis_parc jean drapeau19-junophoto_couple_tour de levis_parc jean drapeau_great view20-junophoto_mr cremeux_food truck_shot with couple21-junophoto_mr cremeux_food truck_shot with couple_parc jean drapeau22-junophoto_great shot couple_forest_tour de levis_parc jean drapeau23-junophoto_parc jean drapeau_bride and groom kissing24-junophoto_bride portrait and bouquet_parc jean drapeau25-junophoto_bride and groom_forest_parc jean drapeau26-junophoto_bride and groom with ice cream having fun27-junophoto_couples picture forest with sun through trees28-junophoto_couples pictures_parc jean drapeau_on bridge29-junophoto_reception at pastaga_montage