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Feature on Wedding Bells Magazine

Magazines are always a great source of inspiration for the futur bride and groom and we love when our weddings are featured in a beautiful magazine like Wedding Bells. I was impatient for the magazine to come out to show you one of my favorite wedding of this summer, Marlee and Mathew’s wedding. Thanks to this wedding I discovered a new original venue for an event, Les Éclusiers by Apollo in Old Montreal. The look of the place with its vintage sofa, a large terrace and a bar upstairs (which can be use as a ceremony venue like here) gives a cozy and chic atmosphere.

During this wedding I also discovered a perfect place to get ready and pampered with your bridal party, Salon Sweet William. The place is a bright spacious loft so it doesn’t matter how many bridesmaids you have, there is room for everyone! This is where I met Marlee who was getting ready with her sisters, her mother, her future mother in law and her adorable little niece who loved to be photographed ( and I loved it too!)

The rest of the day was held at the Les Éclusiers by Apollo where the couple had decorated with care, including personalized details they made themselves. I especially loved the framed quotes combined with the stunning floral arrangements by Atelier Carmel.

After a beautiful ceremony held on the first floor of the venue, guests gathered on the terrace to enjoy champagne, cocktails and finger foods while dancing and celebrating the Hora.

You can see Marlee and Mathew’s wedding in Wedding Bells Magazine which came out today, here is the article with Marlee’ testimony.



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