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DIY paper garland by The Little Spot

Like many of you, Junophoto loves DIY “Do It Yourself” especially when it comes to wedding! DIY allows you to customize your wedding while staying within your budget. To give you inspiration, Junophoto will now post regularly DIY tutorials created by Ismérie, owner of The Little Spot.

Ismérie is a jack-of-all, a creative at heart. As a child she was already building her own Barbie house. With her company The Little Spot, she gives and organizes events related to the “Do it yourself” a.k.a the art of self-made. For  bachelorette parties, baby showers or birthdays, Ismérie travels everywhere in Montreal to offer creative and adaptable formulas to please everyone. In a easy and simple way, she  will teach you to give life to objects with the art of crafts and / or recycling.

Check ou her web site are: www.thelittlespot.com and like her facebook page: www.facebook.com / TheLittleSpot

montage TLSpot

Here’s an easy and affordable tutorial to decorate a vintage styled wedding 

junophoto_DIY_the little spot_guirlande papier 07

You will need:

A pretty string, pages of old books, doilies paper, tape, a pair of normal scissors and / or notched. .

junophoto_DIY_the litlle spot_guirlande papier_01Start by folding your book page triangular or square. Cut 

junophoto_DIY_the litlle spot_guirlande papier_02

Use your notched  scissors to give them a nice shape.

junophoto_DIY_the litlle spot_guirlande papier_03

Place the piece of string at the crease and put some tape.

junophoto_DIY_the litlle spot_guirlande papier_04

Fold and press to stick.

junophoto_DIY_the litlle spot_guirlande papier_05

Make sure to leave 8 inches of string at the beginning and the end of your garland. 

Make sure to alternate the different heights and garlands when decorating to give more volume.

junophoto_DIY_the litlle spot_guirlande papier_06

junophoto_DIY_the litlle spot_guirlande papier_08