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Aurelie’s session and outfit tips from Aurelie & Co and Made in Blog

I met Aurélie almost 4 years ago at tasting evening at Newtown restaurant. I was immediately pleased with her great sens of humor and her contagious smile. I photographed her later on for the campaign of an online sales site. I haden’t seen her since but I wanted to photograph her again, I knew we would have a good time!

This time she was her boyfriend Jean-Philippe. Camille Marciano and I met them at Herman’s restaurant to start the session. I always ask the couples to find a symbolic place where they feel comfortable for their engagement session. It’s at Herman’s that the lovely couple had their first date. After cocktails and oysters, we stayed in the area to continue the session since I really enjoy the mile-end area, we always find interesting places to photograph.

Couples often ask me what outfits they should have ready for the session, here are  Aurélie’s tips  that I find very suitable for an engagement shoot:

For this photoshoot with Julia I wanted our outfits to reflect our style and what we usually love wearing. So I went with two themes in mind to help me choose two outfits: a daytime date, specifically I imagined a somewhat chic Sunday brunch or a baptism and another for a night out with a dinner at restaurant . We were celebrating our anniversary that evening so we were perfectly dresses for our dinner right after!

Here are my some tips to help you choose your outfit for your engagement shoot:

1. The ultimate pitfall to avoid in my opinion is wanting to match to much the colors of your outfits. Try to avoid too obvious associations like “I put a purple skirt and you wear a purple shirt” you don’t want the color to stick out when you look at the pictures later but your love 🙂 Try to incorporate some color in small touches. For example in the first look I included orange stripe on my dress and my shoes and on my honey’s pants. Also don’t try to wear exactly the same colors but rather working with the same tones.  As in the first outfit we are wearing bright and light colors while in the second we are wearing darker tones. Avoid having the same piece of clothing of the same color like two white t-shirts for example. In the first outfit I wear a white coat and honey a white shirt. It’s a more subtle way to combine colors.

2. Bet on associating style rather than color and a look that reflects your real life or that would be a allusion to a special moment. Something casual, work style, chic, evening, etc.

3. Be yourself. If you do not wear heels or skirts, you will not feel at ease during the shoot because you’ll feel dressed up. Try to look in your wardrobe rather than buying clothes for the occasion that you might not wear again. An outfit you already worned and loved will inevitably be a winning choice.

4. Again, be yourself . You little cousin that loves makeup and follow tutorials on Youtube does not necessarily mean she will be the best person to realize your makeup and hair for the occasion. I believe that a couple session should remain as “streetstyle” as possible and reflect your every day life at his best. I think the goal for your beauty preparation should as good as when you are invited to a wedding, no more, no less.

5. Aim for the classics … or the trend! If love is never out of fashion, the outfits and hairstyles can be! Your choice here: do you want to frame and decorate  your living room or bedroom for the next 20 years without any complex? In this case bet on classic and timeless ensembles, avoid overly flashy prints and colors and original “volumes” (shoulder pads, midi skirt, etc.). Or do you want to create a memory that will reflect the trend at the time, and your children will laugh later? I think it’s fun too!

You can go visit Aurelie’s blog and website: Aurélie&Co  and Made in Blog.

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