• Junophoto approaches weddings with a photojournalistic style. With creativity we capture luminous and joyful images. Our passion is to photograph spontaneous moments and emotions to tell the story of your wedding day. As each couple is unique, we customise our approach to fit your style and personality. As we believe in team work we will always be two photographers covering your wedding. This allows us to fully cover the event by capturing each of its unforgettable moments. We pay attention to every detail throughout the day because we know how much time and love you put into it. Although we are located in Montreal we enjoy doing destination weddings and offer special packages for them. We will be happy to welcome you in our studio to discuss your plans and wishes for your wedding.

Even though I love snow, winter is (too) long and outdoor sessions become rare. You have to admit that photographing red noses because of the cold isn’t ideal. But winter can be beautiful as you can see with this engagement session.  Marie and Martin are getting married this summer and wanted to use some pictures from their engagement session as a save the date to send to their guests. So the session had to be done quickly. We met on the Mont-Royal and we were lucky to get a light snow. Then we went in the Chalet, taking advantage of the warmth to do a summer look. By the way I love their outfits, they look so cute!


Today I would like to share with you a session dear to my heart. Last summer, Estelle happily announced me that her boyfriend and herself were expecting. I knew it had been some time that they wanted to build a familly together so I couldn’t have been happier and excited from this news! A few month later they asked me to photograph their maternity session, it was important to them that it would be me, someone they know well and feel comfortable with. I obviously accepted with pleasure!

Four weeks ago I went to Québec city to photograph their session at the Marais du Nord. A place where they often go for walks. So we took a nice stroll in the forest’s path of the marais, taking pictures as the same time. I really enjoyed photographing people important to me, it alowed us to catch up on our lives and spend quality time together. Two weeks later Estelle announced that baby was coming sooner than expected and March 13th baby Elyna was born!

I am thrilled for them, they make amazing parents! Congratulation to the new parents and I can’t wait to meet Elyna!

001-junophoto_maternity_marais du nord_quebec002-junophoto_maternity_cute_baby_shoes003-junophoto_maternity_estelle_et_adrien_058004-junophoto_maternity_winter_shoot005-junophoto_maternity_estelle_et_adrien_014

Today I wanted to show you a sweet and colorful wedding. Just like a candy,  take the time to savor it! This summer Karine and Benoit got married in the beautiful vineyard l’Orpailleur and it’s in front of the vines that the couple celebrated their union with emotion and laugthers. They prepared with a special attention to every detail, giving the event an ambiance of a funfair: a stand of pink lemonade ( quite tasty!), big colorful lollipops and even a popcorn machine for the party! A treat for the guests, a pleasure for the our photographer’s eyes! Not to mention the beautiful floral design by Dominique Houle, giving touches of colours in the luminous venue at l’Orpailleur.

Karine et Benoit are the kind of couple we love to photograph as they are relaxed, fun and so in love! We spent an great day with them and wish them all the best!



Discover today on the Bridal Musings blog the inspiration kinfolk shoot photographed by Camille in Paris!

Story behind the shoot:

 Amanda from Trendy Wedding (french wedding blog) shared with me her project of an inspiration shoot with a bohemian and folk style.

We wanted to create something different combining a rustic feel with some wood elements and flowers.  I love the idea of a bohemian wedding! It’s a theme that can be used for an intimate wedding as well and a big wedding. It mixes new and vintage or homemade elements, bolds as well as pastels colors to creat a beautiful decor at an affordable price.

I enjoyed shooting in Paris, especially at the venue Folks and Sparrows, with it’s cocooning feel and it’s rustic and homemade vibe.
All the dresses come from talented french deisgners, the flowers, centerpiece and decoration created by Élodie from l’Atelier floral Petrichor (make sure to check out her work!)

To see more of the gorgeous session and to be inspired for the decoration of your futur wedding click on the article featured on Bridal Musing today.
01-junophoto_kinfolk_wedding_creative_shoot_bouquet02-junophoto_kinfolk_wedding_decoration_detailsView More: http://camille-marciano.pass.us/camillemarcianoxtrendywedding04-junophoto_kinfolk_inspiration_shoot_antlers_flowersView More: http://camille-marciano.pass.us/camillemarcianoxtrendywedding

I met Aurélie almost 4 years ago at tasting evening at Newtown restaurant. I was immediately pleased with her great sens of humor and her contagious smile. I photographed her later on for the campaign of an online sales site. I haden’t seen her since but I wanted to photograph her again, I knew we would have a good time!

This time she was her boyfriend Jean-Philippe. Camille Marciano and I met them at Herman’s restaurant to start the session. I always ask the couples to find a symbolic place where they feel comfortable for their engagement session. It’s at Herman’s that the lovely couple had their first date. After cocktails and oysters, we stayed in the area to continue the session since I really enjoy the mile-end area, we always find interesting places to photograph.

Couples often ask me what outfits they should have ready for the session, here are  Aurélie’s tips  that I find very suitable for an engagement shoot:

For this photoshoot with Julia I wanted our outfits to reflect our style and what we usually love wearing. So I went with two themes in mind to help me choose two outfits: a daytime date, specifically I imagined a somewhat chic Sunday brunch or a baptism and another for a night out with a dinner at restaurant . We were celebrating our anniversary that evening so we were perfectly dresses for our dinner right after!

Here are my some tips to help you choose your outfit for your engagement shoot:

1. The ultimate pitfall to avoid in my opinion is wanting to match to much the colors of your outfits. Try to avoid too obvious associations like “I put a purple skirt and you wear a purple shirt” you don’t want the color to stick out when you look at the pictures later but your love:)Try to incorporate some color in small touches. For example in the first look I included orange stripe on my dress and my shoes and on my honey’s pants. Also don’t try to wear exactly the same colors but rather working with the same tones.  As in the first outfit we are wearing bright and light colors while in the second we are wearing darker tones. Avoid having the same piece of clothing of the same color like two white t-shirts for example. In the first outfit I wear a white coat and honey a white shirt. It’s a more subtle way to combine colors.

2. Bet on associating style rather than color and a look that reflects your real life or that would be a allusion to a special moment. Something casual, work style, chic, evening, etc.

3. Be yourself. If you do not wear heels or skirts, you will not feel at ease during the shoot because you’ll feel dressed up. Try to look in your wardrobe rather than buying clothes for the occasion that you might not wear again. An outfit you already worned and loved will inevitably be a winning choice.

4. Again, be yourself . You little cousin that loves makeup and follow tutorials on Youtube does not necessarily mean she will be the best person to realize your makeup and hair for the occasion. I believe that a couple session should remain as “streetstyle” as possible and reflect your every day life at his best. I think the goal for your beauty preparation should as good as when you are invited to a wedding, no more, no less.

5. Aim for the classics … or the trend! If love is never out of fashion, the outfits and hairstyles can be! Your choice here: do you want to frame and decorate  your living room or bedroom for the next 20 years without any complex? In this case bet on classic and timeless ensembles, avoid overly flashy prints and colors and original “volumes” (shoulder pads, midi skirt, etc.). Or do you want to create a memory that will reflect the trend at the time, and your children will laugh later? I think it’s fun too!

You can go visit Aurelie’s blog and website: Aurélie&Co  and Made in Blog.

01Junophoto_aurelie saultier_madeinblog_session couple_HR-1802junophoto_engagementsession_hotel_herman03Junophoto_aurelie saultier_madeinblog_session couple_HR-0604junophoto_hotel_herman_engagement05junophoto_engagement_casual_spontaneous_shot06junophoto_engagement_aurelie_sauthier_madeinblog07Junophoto_aurelie saultier_madeinblog_session couple_HR-4408Junophoto_aurelie saultier_madeinblog_session couple_HR-4509junophoto_engagement_madeinblog_aurelie10Junophoto_aurelie saultier_madeinblog_session couple_HR-5611Junophoto_aurelie saultier_madeinblog_session couple_HR-5712Junophoto_aurelie saultier_madeinblog_session couple_HR-6013junophoto_aurelieetco_session_couple_mile_end14junophoto_aurelieetco_session_photo_de_couple_mile_end


Magazines are always a great source of inspiration for the futur bride and groom and we love when our weddings are featured in a beautiful magazine like Wedding Bells. I was impatient for the magazine to come out to show you one of my favorite wedding of this summer, Marlee and Mathew’s wedding. Thanks to this wedding I discovered a new original venue for an event, Les Éclusiers by Apollo in Old Montreal. The look of the place with its vintage sofa, a large terrace and a bar upstairs (which can be use as a ceremony venue like here) gives a cozy and chic atmosphere.

During this wedding I also discovered a perfect place to get ready and pampered with your bridal party, Salon Sweet William. The place is a bright spacious loft so it doesn’t matter how many bridesmaids you have, there is room for everyone! This is where I met Marlee who was getting ready with her sisters, her mother, her future mother in law and her adorable little niece who loved to be photographed ( and I loved it too!)

The rest of the day was held at the Les Éclusiers by Apollo where the couple had decorated with care, including personalized details they made themselves. I especially loved the framed quotes combined with the stunning floral arrangements by Atelier Carmel.

After a beautiful ceremony held on the first floor of the venue, guests gathered on the terrace to enjoy champagne, cocktails and finger foods while dancing and celebrating the Hora.

You can see Marlee and Mathew’s wedding in Wedding Bells Magazine which came out today, here is the article with Marlee’ testimony.



01-JunoPhoto_Marlee_and_Matthew_Wedding02-JunoPhoto_Marlee_and_Matthew_Wedding03-JunoPhoto_salon_sweet_william_getting ready04-03-JunoPhoto_salon_sweet_william_getting ready_bride-getting-dressed05-JunoPhoto_adorable_flower_girl06-JunoPhoto_Marlee_and_Matthew_Wedding07-JunoPhoto_Marlee_and_Matthew_Wedding08-junophoto_groom_getting_ready_with groomsmen09-JunoPhoto_groom_portrait_getting_ready10-JunoPhoto_Marlee_and_Matthew_Wedding11-junophoto_thea dress_bride -and-beautiful bouquet12-junophoto_groom suit_old-montreal13-JunoPhoto_Marlee_and_Matthew_Wedding_HR-33314-JunoPhoto_Marlee_and_Matthew_Wedding_HR-30315-JunoPhoto_Marlee_and_Matthew_Wedding_HR-31416-junophoto_couple-picture-near-the-canal17-JunoPhoto_Marlee_and_Matthew_Wedding_HR-38918-JunoPhoto_Marlee_and_Matthew_Wedding_HR-48119-JunoPhoto_Marlee_and_Matthew_Wedding_HR-48420-JunoPhoto_Marlee_and_Matthew_Wedding_HR-47221-JunoPhoto_Marlee_and_Matthew_Wedding_HR-48022-JunoPhoto_Marlee_and_Matthew_Wedding_HR-49223-JunoPhoto_Marlee_and_Matthew_Wedding_HR-50924-JunoPhoto_Marlee_and_Matthew_Wedding_HR-22825-JunoPhoto_Marlee_and_Matthew_Wedding_HR-24526-junophoto_boutonniere_ateliercarmel27-junophoto_details_beautiful flower_wedding28-junophoto_beautifulweddingdecoration_29-junophoto_adorable-flower-girl30-junophoto_ceremony decor_les-eclusiers-par-apollo31-JunoPhoto_hora dance_wedding32-JunoPhoto_Marlee_and_Matthew_Wedding_HR-56933-JunoPhoto_Marlee_and_Matthew_Wedding_HR-58334-JunoPhoto_Marlee_and_Matthew_Wedding_HR-58435-junophoto_beautiful caketopper_best-day-ever36-JunoPhoto_Marlee_and_Matthew_Wedding_HR-68037-JunoPhoto_Marlee_and_Matthew_Wedding_HR-630

For a second consecutive year Junophoto was pleased to present it’s services among the best wedding vendors in Quebec at the 2014 Elegant Wedding showcase. For the occasion we renewed the design of our booth. We got so many great feedbacks from futur brides and grooms who loved our booth and our pictures! A special thank you to Atelier Carmel for the beautiful bouquet, complimenting our booth so perfectly!

Julia01-junophoto_elegant wedding booth 201403-Junophoto_elegant wedding booth 2014_julia and camille02-junophoto_elegant wedding booth details_atelier carmel


Ronald + Nadia

Halloween is already here! Although the temperature reminds me that winter is on it’s way, I keep thinking that we are still in spring and the wedding season is just starting! Time flies when one’s busy. Therefore I’ve been unable to post our beautiful weddings from this summer. But I couldn’t helpt myself posting this beautiful and colorful wedding, a reminder of the warm days of summer!

Ronald and Nadia said yes early summer at the Auberge des Gallant in a rustic and modern ambiance. The outdoor ceremony took place in a perfect setting, near a pond surrounded by willow trees ( I love them!). Each ceremony at it’s specificities, Ronald and Nadia decided to do the handfasting ceremony. It consist of tying the hands of the lovers to represent their union. Originally, the hands were tied with a rope but today ribbons of different colors are used, each representing a quality or wish. In the Celtic tradition, 13 colored ribbons were used. I personally liked this idea! The little ring bearer Markus, who is the newlyweds son was so adorable with is bow tie and suspenders!

The reception was held in the new hall of the Auberge des Gallant, it was beautifully decorated with flowers by Atelier Carmel. We particularly liked the guests’s favors:  miniature succulent! We had a lot of fun photographing this little family on this beautiful day at the Auberge des Gallant.

Julia01-junophoto_beautiful shoes and bouquet_rustic wedding_auberge des gallants02-junophoto_ronald and nadia_details shoe shot03-junophoto_atelier carmel boutonniere04-Junophoto_ earings in succulent great shot05-junophoto_groomsmen getting ready laughing06-junophoto_bride getting ready07-junophoto_adorable baby boy_wedding08-junophoto_grooms reaction seeing usher09-junophoto_ceremony_doing downt the aisle10-Junophoto_ auberge des galants wedding11-junophoto_bridesmaids with bouquet12-junophoto_ ceremony_bride and groom laughing13-junophoto_handfasting ceremony14-junophoto_ceremony_bublles15-junophoto_weddingcouple shot with bublle and adorable baby boy16-junophoto_wedding centerpiece_atelier carmel17-junophoto_details shots_flowers18-junophoto_bridal party pictures19-junophoto_couple pictures_auberge des galants20-junophoto_auberge des galants_rustic couple picture_barn

We can’t say it enough, when we get a feature on Style Me Pretty it’s always a great pleasure, a bit like a cherry on a sundae, a sunshine through the clouds, a hot chocolate during winter time.

Here is the engagement session of Patricia and Frédéric, shot near the Atwater Market, by the canal Lachine. Check out the article on Style Me Pretty. Their wedding at  Domaine Cataraqui, is coming up soon and we are very eager to photograph it!

01_junophoto_beautiful engagment session_feature on style me pretty02_junophoto_beautiful engagment session_feature on style me pretty_flower tree03_junophoto_engagement_session_adorable couple_style me pretty04_junophoto_beautiful engagment session_feature on style me pretty_ice cream05_junophoto_engagement session_adorable couple06_junophoto_beautiful engagment session_feature on style me pretty_girl smiling07_junophoto_engagement session_clanal lachine one the dock08_junophoto_beautiful engagment session_feature on style me pretty_train tracks09_junophoto_beautiful engagment session_feature on style me pretty_train tracks10_junophoto_beautiful engagment session_feature on style me pretty_piggy back ride11_junophoto_beautiful engagment session_feature on style me pretty_atwater market12_junophoto_beautiful engagment session_feature on style me pretty_picnic13_junophoto_beautiful engagment session_feature on style me pretty_picnic laughing14_junophoto_engagement_picnic at the canal lachine15_junophoto_engagement session ice cream


Vicky and Jean-Philippe

Vicky and Jean-Philippe are the kind of couple with whom one can have a pleasant evening of  enjoying good food and siping good wine while discussing music, cross fit and travels. A evening as I love them, an evening full of laughter, singing and good food! The wedding was exactly like that and was at their image.

Vicky chose the Hotel Chez Swann in downtown Montreal for his photogenic appearance and original design.She made a great choice since we were so excited to photograph all the details and the preparation of Vicky, her maid of honor Karine and flower girl Beatrice.  Hotel Chez Swann didnt’t lack of inspiring us and we took the opportunity to make beautiful portraits of Vicky in her gorgeous dress from the boutique Anne Jean-Michel.

Then we went at the Tour de Lévis in Park Jean-Drapeau for the ceremony. It was a truly beautiful ceremony, with music and songs (it was so lovely when Beatrice stepped on a stool to sing, accompanied on guitar by Jean-Philippe’s father). Everything was decorated by the talented team of Maryse Noel Creations.

The cocktail being a the same venue, the couple had the great idea to bring a food truck, Mr Crémeux, offering not only ice cream but several kinds of delicious amuses-bouches! It was a treat for the taste budsand only the begining since the reception was held at the famous restaurant Le Pastaga. I had the opportunity to eat in many great restaurants in my life and it’s undoubtedly become one of my favorites! The evening was punctuated by speeches and beautiful songs. The newlyweds themselves sang together, Feeling good, accompanied at the piano by Jean-Philippe’s sister Karine.

The wedding was a such a success for the couple as well as their guests and it was a real pleasure for us to have had the chance to witness it. Not to mention that the newlyweds, after 17 years together, were more in love than ever! These are the kind of weddings  like where I feel I lucky and happy to be able to capture wonderful moments in people’s lives.

Vicky t and Jean-Philippe thank you for your trust, your hospitality and your kindness!

01-junophoto_hotel swann_bride portrait_amazing shot02-junophoto_details shot_ride and bouquet and shoes03-junophoto_details hsots_bride dress and shoes04-junophoto_details shoot_perfume_rings on the brides shoes05-junophoto_bouquet_invitations06-junophoto_flower girl_wedding07-junophoto_bride getting her hair done08-junophoto_bride getting ready _make_up09-junophoto_bride getting dress10-junophoto_bride putting shoes11-junophoto_groom getting ready12-junophoto_detail shot_groom detting ready13-junophoto_bride portrait gorgeous14-junophoto_bride gorgeous portrait_swann hotel montreal15-junophoto_ceremony decoration_tour de levis16-junophoto_ceremony tour de lévis17-junophoto_guest pictures_tour de levis18-junophoto_couple_tour de levis_parc jean drapeau19-junophoto_couple_tour de levis_parc jean drapeau_great view20-junophoto_mr cremeux_food truck_shot with couple21-junophoto_mr cremeux_food truck_shot with couple_parc jean drapeau22-junophoto_great shot couple_forest_tour de levis_parc jean drapeau23-junophoto_parc jean drapeau_bride and groom kissing24-junophoto_bride portrait and bouquet_parc jean drapeau25-junophoto_bride and groom_forest_parc jean drapeau26-junophoto_bride and groom with ice cream having fun27-junophoto_couples picture forest with sun through trees28-junophoto_couples pictures_parc jean drapeau_on bridge29-junophoto_reception at pastaga_montage

Like many of you, Junophoto loves DIY “Do It Yourself” especially when it comes to wedding! DIY allows you to customize your wedding while staying within your budget. To give you inspiration, Junophoto will now post regularly DIY tutorials created by Ismérie, owner of The Little Spot.

Ismérie is a jack-of-all, a creative at heart. As a child she was already building her own Barbie house. With her company The Little Spot, she gives and organizes events related to the “Do it yourself” a.k.a the art of self-made. For  bachelorette parties, baby showers or birthdays, Ismérie travels everywhere in Montreal to offer creative and adaptable formulas to please everyone. In a easy and simple way, she  will teach you to give life to objects with the art of crafts and / or recycling.

Check ou her web site are: www.thelittlespot.com and like her facebook page: www.facebook.com / TheLittleSpot

montage TLSpot

Here’s an easy and affordable tutorial to decorate a vintage styled wedding 

junophoto_DIY_the little spot_guirlande papier 07

You will need:

A pretty string, pages of old books, doilies paper, tape, a pair of normal scissors and / or notched. .

junophoto_DIY_the litlle spot_guirlande papier_01Start by folding your book page triangular or square. Cut 

junophoto_DIY_the litlle spot_guirlande papier_02

Use your notched  scissors to give them a nice shape.

junophoto_DIY_the litlle spot_guirlande papier_03

Place the piece of string at the crease and put some tape.

junophoto_DIY_the litlle spot_guirlande papier_04

Fold and press to stick.

junophoto_DIY_the litlle spot_guirlande papier_05

Make sure to leave 8 inches of string at the beginning and the end of your garland. 

Make sure to alternate the different heights and garlands when decorating to give more volume.

junophoto_DIY_the litlle spot_guirlande papier_06

junophoto_DIY_the litlle spot_guirlande papier_08